In 2015, MYFGA submitted a $50,000 grant request to improve the range facility.  Land boundary lines and a protected kettle hole bog made it impossible to expand the existing range to 100 yards.  The decision was made to maintain the 50 yard range, and embark on a project to develop a totally new 100 yard range on our property.

We were successful with both the 2015 & 2016 grants, for a total of $100,000 in grant funds that are designated to range improvements.

The 50 yard range received some much needed ground work in Fall of 2016, and now has covered shooting stations on a concrete slab.  Use of this range is intended for small arms and archery.

Both shooting ranges are open from sunrise to sunset, unless otherwise posted, and are free to the public.  We strictly enforce a carry-in/carry-out policy for your targets, brass and trash.  Please follow all rules posted on site.  The property is monitored by video surveillance and violators will be prosecuted.