Discussion about the possibility of MYFGA began in 2000. Matt Dunlap had been going door to door that election year, and had spent his second term as chair of the IFW committee. As he campaigned, he says that he heard a lot about the old Canoe City Fish and Game Club that was shuttered after the shoe and woolen mills closed in the early 70’s.

After a sportsman’s forum that he hosted with the IFW commissioner, where Matt asked how many people were really interested in starting a new fish and game club, he says took out an ad in the Penobscot Times for an initial meeting. The meeting took place at the Old Town Library that summer.

People were definitely interested in the concept and after about a year of hard work, Warden Dave Georgia suggested the project become the creation of a youth club.
The originating group developed a mission and became incorporated in September of 2001. At that point, International Paper heard about us and with the negotiation skills of Warden Georgia, offered us use of the Pickerel Pond site.. Warden Georgia also worked closely with Mike Hartt of Northern Log Homes who subsequently donated the materials for the original clubhouse.

By this time, Matt says that his role was to hold things while Maine Guide Jim Martin “nailed them down”. The initial clubhouse was built!

From then on, the Board of Directors, the club house and the local family participation grew. And is growing still. With Summer camp, Ice-Fishing Day, Annual Auction, and various outdoor experiences and trainings throughout the year, MYFGA continues to be an stellar example of how a community can build an extraordinary gift for their children, their traditions, and their wildlife.

Would like to salute and honor our Founding Board Members. These are the people who made it happen:

Matt Dunlap
Steve Greenleaf
Bill Osborne
Alan Greenleaf
Jim Redding
Dave Georgia